What is the Homeopathic Medicine for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

14 दिसम्बर 2020

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What is the Homeopathic Medicine for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Our working life has affected our bodies in so many ways. Aches in the back, shoulder, head, and hand are very normal trouble most of us faces in day to day life. While exercising, the right posture and regular massages can help in reducing these aches. But do you know, there is a medicine that works slowly to make your hand muscles stronger. DR. RECKEWEG CAUSTICUM 200 CH is the name and it is a homeopathic medicine, with the least side-effects.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is something that is a very common issue for those who work in a space that requires a lot of hand movement. And not just working professionals, treating your hand relentlessly and not giving it all the care that it requires might end up with CTS. But now that you know, hand aches are not normal and you do have DR. RECKEWEG CAUSTICUM 200 CH to treat the disorder, rush now!

What is CTS?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is a disorder that arises from compression of the Median Nerve as it travels through the wrist. This syndrome has no particular reason though, but tingling sensation (in the thumb, index finger, or middle finger), numbness, ache, etc. Not just that if not paid attention to the time the pin can extend to your arms.

CTS gets hype when any pressure is put on the median nerve. And this pressure-turned-pain can be because of oral-contraceptives, obesity, arthritis, trauma, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, and diabetes. Apart from these conditions,


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