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Bombay to Mumbai: The Crime Game / द क्राइम गेम

Dinesh Limbachiya

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14 फरवरी 2023 को पूर्ण की गई
ISBN : 9798886299106
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The lawyer gang had become completely powerful. Adil's bravery, Gurudas's baniya thinking and Rampal's better coordination with the police and politicians, this was the confluence of their strength. Rampal's own intelligence system was very strong. He could easily find out the tactics of other gangs. This was the great strength of Rampal, which kept the foundation of the lawyer gang strong. He had brought a wealth of news from jail. Now the work which was to be done after three months, now the chances of starting that work have increased in a few days. Read more 

Bombay to Mumbai The Crime Game d kraaim gem


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