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Karma & Rebirth in Hindu Astrology - Hindi (PB)

K N Rao

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22 फरवरी 2023 को पूर्ण की गई
ISBN : 9788189221164
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Karma is mysterious. It chases its doer as the calf recognizes its mother even in a herd Karmas of all previous human births are the - Sanchita Karma Karmas allotted from out of the Sanchita is the - Prarabdha Karma. The area in which you can exercise your freewill is the Kriyaamana Karma First see in your horoscope the prarabsha element which surely is your birth time and your Moon together with other planets. Do you expect to get happiness from your children? That relationship, like your relationships of other types, is the obligation born of your past lives which is known as rirnanubandhan. The nature and the quality of the karma you perform is what you must know. For the first time you will know through this original and fundamental research that life is neither a story of all joys nor of all sorrows. It is what you know it is. But then do you know why it is, or what it is? For the first time in the history of astrology it is being explained through fifty and more case studies. If you are an astrologer you should first see your own horoscope to know why you have not won any name as an honest and efficient astrologer Discover your limitations. See other horoscopes now from the same point of view. And ask yourself Is astrology a source of illumination for you leading to salvation or of bondage leading to future births. How ethical are you then as an astrologer? The first full fledged study of cases of rebirths is what you will find in this book. Read more 

Karma Rebirth in Hindu Astrology Hindi PB


एक शानदार पुस्तक है जो हिंदू ज्योतिष और प्राचीन भारतीय धर्म के मौलिक सिद्धांतों के बारे में विस्तृत रूप से बताती है।

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