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Bureaucracy Ka Bigul Aur Shahnai Pyar Ki

Anil Gandhi

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14 फरवरी 2023 को पूर्ण की गई
ISBN : 9781636335452
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This novel is unique, quirky and a sweet love story between a dalit bureaucrat and a small town theatre director. Both come together from completely different worlds. Understandably, there was a whale of differences in their individual approaches towards life. Their diametrically opposite pasts make the events take the shape of an exhilarating roller coaster ride, captivating the interest of the reader and keeping her/him hooked as the story unfolds. Life in a small town, theatre, harsh realities of the Caste divide in India, complexities of bureaucracy and corruption in the government become centric to the narrative and are some of the issues that run parallel as sidelines to the story. Read more 

Bureaucracy Ka Bigul Aur Shahnai Pyar Ki


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