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Devi: एक दिव्य रचना/ ek divya ratchana


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ISBN : 9798887498041
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'Shakti', when possessed by someone else, we feel, should be used properly.But what if we get the same power?Devi, who has divine powers from birth, was under the supervision of Mahaguru in Gurukul. She was trained to be positive (Sajatiya Pravrutti) by the Gurus so that the good remains in her till the end. And Amit, the Shield Creator, who despite knowing 'Viveka', unknowingly walks on a bad path, intolerant of corruption.This story is written based on the spirituality and science of today. It depicts the 'Shakti' form in depth. What is 'Shakti' and how it can be used respectfully have been highlighted in the book. Read more 

Devi ek divy rcnaa ek divya ratchana


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