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Marma Chikitsa Vigyan

Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

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23 फरवरी 2023 को पूर्ण की गई
ISBN : 9788189221751
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A Science that was preserved and associated largely as a support to martial arts and warfare can now be used and applied for normal healing on a wide range of physical and mental diseases as a result of research and application, since 1993, of this little known branch of Ayurveda. Revealing the ancient healing art of Marma science and therapy, based on re-energising vital points in the body, this book releases it from its hidden status as Gupta Vidya, known in a limited way to a few practitioners. It is based on years of academic and practical research by the author with thousands of patients. The book not only gives the ancient background of Marma science and its salient features, but discusses in detail, with the references of contemporary medical science, its use as a powerful non -medicinal, non surgical therapy in numerous diseases. It also describes its use as a regular prophylactic and re-energising self-therapy and its relationship with religious and Yogic practices. The book addresses a mix of three audiences: the regular medical practitioner and student, a peripheral and widening circle of practitioners of allied healing therapies on a paramedical type of approach, and then the academic as well as the common person. So indeed, the contents also have a mix of concept, theory, technical backgrounds and practical application. In the meanwhile, one can also consider the subject of this book, in the Indian tradition, as a spiritual science, as it is intimately concerned with the distribution of the universal energy in the individual body. Read with a quietened mind, the reader can grasp the basic knowledge of this book, that this individual body, vulnerable to disease and suffering, is not the whole truth. That the Universal Energy is coursing through us at all times and can be stimulated through the Marmas. Read more 

Marma Chikitsa Vigyan


Very informative book on Marma Chikitsa. Marma Chikitsa is an art for treating ailments using pressure points of our body. Highly recommended. Good for self learning and practice.

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