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maa prakriti ki healing shakti

Yogacharya Shri Anmol Yadav

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ISBN : 9798888152256
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dear readersThis book is my own story. I have learned a lot from my life experiences. The areas of experience are right food, ayurveda, naturopathy, spirituality, and divine knowledge. Whatever knowledge I have gained today, the source of it is my illness of two years. If I had not suffered this two years, I would have remained untouched by this knowledge. Before 2018 I was completely healthy. Suffered from diseases from April 2018 to January 2020. I am completely healthy from February 2020 till today August 2022. From February 2020 till today, by the grace of God, I have not eaten a single medicine pill. I have full faith that no matter how many years I live, I will never get sick for that year. This is possible only through knowledge. I am just going to share this knowledge with you all. So come with me in this journey in which I will tell you how I got sick. For two years I did not know how many medicines I took and visited countless doctors. From the year 2020 February, I started making changes in my diet, mostly natural food, which ended all my diseases. This is not a miracle but a complete science. The knowledge you will gain after reading this book is mainly as follows. How gas is formed in the body and what to do so that gas does not form in the body at all. Why is acidity formed? Its complete cure through food. What causes constipation and its treatment. The Main reason of disease is gas, acid, & constipation. Read more 

maa prakriti ki healing shakti


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