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Akash Surya Dharti aur Manushya

Dr Rajendra Kumar

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ISBN : 9798885212519
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The book talks about the creation of infinite space (sky) by the Creator (Brahma) and the infinite number of stars in it. Our Sun was created during the Big Bang in the southern tip of the Nebula much later. It advises the reader that the Sun is hot due to its nuclear fuel. Cosmic events forced the Sun to have 7 planets, including the Earth. The Earth was born as a huge ball of molten lava and soon began to cool because it has no nuclear fuel of its own. It was in no position to support life because it was extremely hot with no water and air. The book introduces the readers to the processes and geological events that occurred when the Earth cooled down and became habitable. This book is a unique synthesis of modern scientific understanding with Vedic understanding of the Universe. It also gives scientific proof of mankind first appearing in Africa and why the mass Aryan migration into western India occurred. Read more 

Akash Surya Dharti aur Manushya


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