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Ganga aur Bihar

Pankaj Malviya

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ISBN : 9781649837813
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This book attempts to understand, the holy river Ganga's journey of Bihar and the steps taken by “Raaj & Samaaj” in direction of restoring the incessant flow of it by recognising the problems. Ganga or any other river, pond or any other traditional water body, the issue of their cleanliness and health is linked to our intention. On this criterion of intention, we can see our righteousness and our reverence for them tightly.  The fruits of service are associated with sacrifice and dedication. Need of the hour is to restore the flow of a navigable water body to the natural form as it contains a river’s vivacity. If we fulfill this condition with honesty, then we can succeed in saving all the rivers including the Ganga and keeping it free from pollution. -Editor Read more 

Ganga aur Bihar


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