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Padmayini - Ashtdash Yoddha

Ajay Singh Chahar

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13 फरवरी 2023 को पूर्ण की गई
ISBN : 9781636337708
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In the midst of the bright light, the seven archers Manas young man warriors appear to these terrible demons. The piece of creeper in their hand has been transformed into a bow. Seeing these unknown divine warriors suddenly appeared here, an atmosphere of fear arose in the evil army of vampires and demons. At the same time, the hearts of soldiers and Suri warriors injured in the war with these wicked people became elated. And ready to fight again with new consciousness and elation. Now even a snake warrior abandoned his unconsciousness and stood up again to support these brave young men. Read more 

Padmayini Ashtdash Yoddha


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