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Anuj Sabharwal

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ISBN : 9781639578108
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The people of the Indian subcontinent, primarily British India believed that tigers possessed supernatural powers. Much of folklore narrates tales of terrifying man-eaters. A strange aura surrounds these tales. A tiger that is born and grows up in the wild never considers mortal beings as its legitimate prey. It is only when tigers have been incapacitated through wounds or old age; they are compelled to take to a diet of human flesh. The man-eaters were regarded as enraged or malevolent deities (or spirits or demons), and ghosts of their victims ride on them to direct them to the following prey. The brutes were termed devilish, and the villagers did not dare to utter ‘Bagh’ for the fear of it.  This book 'Aadamkhor' is full of such terrifying maneater tales.  Read more 



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